Tuesday’s Headlines 8/10/21: The pedestrian blaming is strong in Colorado Springs

Denver, RTD, and the Metro Area

  • Motorcyclist dies after crash west of University Boulevard (Fox 31)
  • What makes Denver’s air quality go bad? It’s not just fires we’ll give you one guess… (Fox 31)
  • Denver’s Sloan’s Lake neighborhood to be rezoned to allow ‘granny flats’ (The Denver Gazette)
  • 38 straight days of Air Quality Warnings: Unhealthy ozone Tuesday, chance of rain Friday (Fox 31)
  • Denver Air Quality Index: 9 a.m.: 106 (Unhealthy for sensitive groups). Yesterday’s max: 155 (Unhealthy)

Centennial State

  • Colorado Springs police urge caution as pedestrian-related accidents continue:  “There’s a lot of pedestrians that just cross without paying attention and that’s unfortunate,” Sgt. Olav Chaney said. it’s also unfortunate that people drive two ton death machines to pick up their groceries (Fox 21)
  • Avon to consider rebate for e-bike purchases made in town (Vail Daily)
  • Commuting Solutions introduces new transportation program for downtown Superior (Colorado Hometown Weekly)
  • Cleanup of Glenwood Canyon shows progress; governor seeks $116 million from feds (The Denver Gazette)

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