Tuesday’s Headlines 4/6/21: Cycling towards upward mobility

Ann Nguyen holding INC award on Santa Fe Drive in front of Museo de las Americas
Denver Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation recently recognized Ann Nguyen for her involvement in public service projects and equitable design solutions in West Denver. (Photo courtesy of Ann Nguyen)

Denver, RTD, and the Metro Area

  • Commentary: Cycling Towards Upward Mobility (Denver Streetsblog)
  • How Denver’s neighborhoods got their shapes (Denverite)
  • Denver City Council Chipping Away at Old Zoning Code Remnants (Westword)
  • Denver to pave 465 lane-miles of streets in 2021 (9 News)
  • Rail Transit and COVID-19, One Year Later – in Denver, only the A Line has returned to the pre-pandemic schedule (Railway Age)
  • Denver Air Quality Index: 9 a.m.: 54 (Moderate). Yesterday’s max: 71 (Moderate)

From Streetsblog

  • Tuesday’s Headlines as the NCAA’s March Madness Ends (Streetsblog USA)

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