Monday’s Headlines


From Streetsblog

  • Local news coverage of bike safety can be dreadful. So we’ve got to hand it to Kyle Clark of 9News for his takedown of anti-bike lane nimbys who still oppose the Marion Street Bikeway after the death of Alexis Bounds there last week. (Streetsblog USA)

Other news

  • Bound’s family set up a fundraiser to support her two young boys. (GoFundMe)
  • A 60-year-old Boulder woman was injured seriously after apparently colliding with a deer. (Fox 31)
  • RTD’s new discount program launches today, but it will cut a program that served the “most desperate.” (CPR)
  • RTD gets an  $11 million grant to buy more electric buses. (CPR)
  • The “Reimagine RTD” initiative will include a visit from Jarrett Walker, author of Human Transit. (Westword)
  • Union Station celebrated its fifth anniversary after its $54 million renovation. (9 NewsFox 31)
  • A scammer is emptying the bank accounts of ride-hail drivers. (CBS4)
  • Police are looking for a man behind a shooting at an Aurora RTD station. (9 News)
  • Locantore: Growth has brought increased traffic to Denver, but with better transit it’s not inevitable. In Seattle, population increased 23% while daily traffic volumes declined by 5%. (Outline)
  • As Denver grows, the city needs more housing and better public transportation, says District 6 Councilman Paul Kashmann. (Gazette)
  • Denver’s first Little Saigon festival was a success, and another is scheduled for September 13. (Denverite)
  • Boulder’s Transportation Advisory Board pushes for a protected bike lane on North Broadway but city staff say they only have money for paint. (Daily Camera)
  • Whole Foods Station (aka WhoFooSta) is among the names readers suggested for the neighborhood behind Union Station. (Westword)
  • When Denver’s air is polluted you can’t escape it by heading to the mountains — staying out of a car is the best thing you can do. (CPR)
  • Denver Air Quality Index: 6 a.m.: 42 Good. Yesterday’s max: 54 Moderate.
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