Wednesday’s Headlines

From Streetsblog

  • Guest post: As Denver’s air quality gets worse and the city struggles to cut its dependency on cars, building more housing units in buildings that look like single-family homes could help the city tackle both problems. (Streetsblog Denver)

Other news

  • Distracted driving bill killed in the Colorado House Judiciary Committee in a 10-1 vote. (CBS 4)
  • When Denver used civic crowdfunding to raise funds for the Arapahoe St. protected bike lane, it helped engage the community and prevented “bikelash.” (Huron Daily)
  • Denver’s mayoral candidates on infrastructure. (5280)
  • As air quality declines, will new laws and the Polis administration improve the situation? (Colorado Independent)
  • DIA launches major overhaul. (ENR)
  • Colorado house passes bill that would ask voters to give up their TABOR taxpayer refunds. (Colorado Watchdog)
  • Denver Air Quality Index:  6 a.m.: 51 Moderate.Yesterday: 54 Moderate.
  • National headlines at Streetsblog USA.

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  • Devin Quince
    • EMB

      “Let’s spend some time figuring out what really works like public service announcements, billboards lots of commercials. I think those things will work,”

      Right, that’s definitely going to do the job. Spend more time doing the same things! That’s what this problem needs. Not, say, the slightest bit of apprehension among people driving that they’ll face any consequences for putting others at risk. All those MADD ads would surely have had the same (limited) success without any accompanying DUI laws.

  • Legislators lead harried lives; this committee knew it contained some of the people most likely to be guilty. It’s a modern parallel to the long struggle to curtail drunk driving. When I started with Oregon DOT in 1971 the Highway Committee was full of good old boys who could identify with the need to toss down a few before driving home. That changed, but not soon enough.