Tuesday’s Headlines

Two Lyft scooters block the sidewalk on Wazee near the 16th St. Mall.

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Other news

  • CDOT campaign wants to end distracted driving crashes. There were 15,600 in Colorado last year. (Summit Daily)
  • Drug use is down in Union Station after RTD installed new doors on bathroom stalls. (Fox 31)
  • Colorado’s $30.5 billion budget is waiting for the Governor’s signature. It includes $300 million for roads, but the state has a $9 transportation backlog. (Colorado Sun)
  • Uber admits it is trying to steal all transit riders away. [Yet RTD still collaborates with them]. (Jalopnik)
  • Colorado maintains a 19-page document with all of the “bad or inappropriate words” not allowed on license plates. (9 News)
  • Traffic fumes cause as many as 4 million cases of asthma a year among kids. (Quartz)
  • Denver Air Quality Index:  6 a.m.: 47 Good. Yesterday: 67 Moderate.
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