Friday’s Headlines

  • “Patricio Martinez killed a 20-year-old motorcyclist in 1994 on his fifth DUI. Since being released, he’s been busted driving drunk three more times.” (9 News)
  • Aurora police filed nine charges against the RTD driver accused of causing the R Line derailment last month that injured several passengers. (CBS4)
  • P3 problems: RTD’s A-Line contractor seeks a trial in its $80 million lawsuit against the agency for problems with the public-private partnership. (CPR)
  • Epic carsickness: Instead of building a $100 million parking lot, A-Basin said no to the Epic Pass. (Business Denver)
  • attacked him for fast pace of development. (Denver Post)
  • Map: Where is affordable housing in Denver? (Denverite)
  • Strike planned: Grand Valley Transit (Grand Junction) union members want higher wages, including a $15 starting wage, from the private contractor they work for. (Daily Sentinel)
  • Hancock says Denver has had an “absolutely phenomenal run” after mayoral candidates
  • National headlines at Streetsblog USA.

Correction: The headline on ski resort parking was corrected to reflect that A-Basin quit the Epic Pass, not Loveland. However, Loveland’s parking problems are discussed in that story. 

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