Tuesday’s Headlines

  • When Denver gets snow removal wrong, these wheelchair users can’t get to work. (9 News)
  • App-based “casual carpool” program aims to cut U.S. 36 traffic (Daily Camera); its badly thought-out rollout targets transit riders, apparently to get them out of buses and back into road-clogging cars.
  • A home for cars on Uptown’s main street is destined to become homes for people. (Denverite)
  • Who are Denver’s neighborhoods for? City policy favors McMansions to multi-family housing of the same size. (Denver Urbanism)
  • National headlines at Streetsblog USA.

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  • TakeFive

    Something funky with the Denver Urbanism link; it has extra script after html

  • Camera_Shy

    “App-based “casual carpool” program aims to cut U.S. 36 traffic”

    In Oakland, CA casual carpool occurs (occurred) without an app. The Bay Bridge was so crowded that people could stand at an agreed upon corner near a freeway on-ramp and get picked up by a driver headed across the bridge into SF – thus giving the driver the carpool qualification. I read that people had this down to a science, including unwritten rules like “no one speaks while in the carpool.” No app necessary, just pure desire to get a ride across the busy bridge, saving time and money. It is highly possible in my mind that this is where a “casual carpool” app may have started.