Wednesday’s Headlines

Streetsblog Denver interviewed Christof Spieler, author of a book that shows why Denver's transit system isn't useful to most people. (Article)
Streetsblog Denver interviewed Christof Spieler, author of a book that shows why Denver's transit system isn't useful to most people. (Article)
  • Why was a woman ejected from a light rail vehicle that derailed? Aurora police and RTD are investigating. (Fox 31)
  • Denver’s buses and trains are not useful to most people. A new book shows why. (Streetsblog Denver)
  • RTD launched autonomous bus. (9 News)
  • “Is it really going to be in my lifetime?” Arvada residents wonder when RTD’s G-Line will open. (Denver7)
  • Winter Bike to Work Week starts Monday; Denver and Boulder rank second and third for participation. (Daily Camera)
  • People love it: Telluride redesigned its local transit network to increase frequency and make routes easier to understand without a map. (Telluride Daily Planet)
  • Longmont woman citied under Colorado’s cycling under the influence law. (
  • Whoopie Goldberg’s anti-bike lane rant exposes “widespread skepticism and hostility towards massive expenditures of tax dollars on multimodal transportation infrastructure for bikes, trains and buses,” including in progressive Boulder. (Daily Camera)
  • Colorado car dealers sue to stop state from adopting more stringent California emissions standards. (Denver Post)
  • California’s standards are anti-American? “A fundamentally-American freedom is under attack,” writes Tim Jackson, who runs the Colorado Automobile Dealers Association, in an op-ed. (Denver Post)
  • Following California’s lead, Utah is considering withholding transportation funding from communities that don’t do more to encourage affordable housing. (Salt Lake Tribune)
  • You can learn to drive a steam train during a four-day class at remote Cumbres & Toltec engineer and fireman school near the Colorado-New Mexico border (CPR).
  • Or just watch this gorgeous 10-minute video. (National Geographic)
  • National headlines at Streetsblog USA.
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  • E. Smith

    Hi Andy –

    Just a note regarding the article about the carmakers suing the state of CO to try to stop the adoption of the California Vehicle Emissions Standard. There was not one word about the fact that a State Senator has introduced a bill to prohibit Colorado from not adopting CA’s Standard.

    I think it is fascinating how the carmakers are using the Judicial and Legislative systems to try and defeat this standard. They probably assume, rightly, that the bill won’t pass, so they are going to litigate the standard to try and have it reversed.

    I was flabbergasted to read in the Denver Post article that, “in California, 53 percent of the vehicles bought are trucks and SUVs. That figure is 75 percent in Colorado.” While it’s to be expected that the % in CA is lower since they have a greater population than CO, it still beggars belief that 75% of ALL vehicles sold in CO are trucks and SUVs. People who buy big trucks and SUVs should definitely pay more, not only for emissions, but also because, as Streetsblog has pointed out on many occasions, they have been linked to more pedestrian injuries and deaths.

    I will be doing all I can to defeat the bill, just thought you all should know about it.

    • TakeFive

      SUV ‘s have replaced the ‘family car’; in fact both GM and Ford plan to quit making cars as they’re all money losers. With all the construction it’s hardly a surprise that truck sales are doing well partly for their utility and partly because people can afford to buy them.