Monday’s Headlines

  • Driver kills pedestrian in Colorado Springs; second fatality at same intersection in six months. (KKTV)
  • Two people hospitalized after crash that shut down I-70 near National Western Stock Show grounds. (9 News)
  • Bloomberg Philanthropies gives $2 million to Denver for climate adaptation, including walking, biking and transit projects. (Denverite)
  • Does RTD have a marketing problem? (Streetsblog Denver)
  • Denver’s lack of park space makes the city less livable. Nearly half the land within the city limits is now paved or built over; parking, driveways and roads major factors (Denver Post). “We need more open spaces.” (Denver Post)
  • Englewood council approves granny flats. (Denver Post)
  • National headlines at Streetsblog USA.
  • JerryG

    That ‘Denver Post’ article is disingenuous, at best. The author attributes the loss of open/green space across the entire metropolitan area as the fault of the city of Denver for densifying. There has been a decrease in the park acreage/person in the city as the population has risen. However, it is because the city has not been building as many parks as it should have and not because of densification. Infill take mostly on parking lots or brown lots; not green space. I would say that suburban sprawl across the metropolitan area is the major contributor to the loss of open space across the entire metropolitan area.