Wednesday’s Headlines

  • Driver Ran Into an RTD Bus in Aurora on New Years Day, Injuring Two Children (DenPo)
  • One of Hancock’s New Year Resolutions is Hoping “…to See More People Use Alternative Forms of Transit in the City”(Denverite)
  • CDOT’s $67 Million Project, “Internet of Roads” Is a Go This Year (2019 in Case You Already Forgot); and is Said to Have a Focus on Safety – Alerting Drivers of Hazards By Allowing Cars to “Talk” to Road Signs (SUN)
  • It’s Important for People to Drive Less (Ya Know, Because of a Little Thing Called Climate Change), and How Public Policy in Colorado Has Encouraged the Opposite (Hint: Widening Highways) (Westword)
  • Police Say That Frigid Temps Kept People From Drunk Driving This Year in Weld County (DenPo)
  • Notable Projects in 2018 Included Groundbreaking on a Block-Long Blighted Parking Lot (DenverInfill)
  • Check Out #7 on Westword’s Resolution List For a Sweet Lil’ 2018 RTD Recap, and Why People Should Keep Watching RTD in 2019

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