Wednesday’s Headlines

  • CDOT Rejects Denver’s Proposal to Install a Red Light Camera on Federal, a High-Injury Corridor; City Plans to Add Three New Cameras Elsewhere (Denver Post)
  • RTD Says Railroad Crossing Gate Problems Stem From Tech That’s so Awesome Other Transit Agencies Want It, Too (Denverite)
  • Even as Feds Threaten to Shut Down A-Line, RTD Will Double its Capacity in January, Running Four-Car Trains Instead of Two (9 News)
  • Pueblo Gets a Traffic Signal for Pedestrians That Goes Dark Until Someone Pushes the Beg Button (News 5)
  • 5280’s 10 Best Longreads of 2018 Includes the Story of Disability Activists Who Stopped Traffic at Broadway and Colfax Ave. for Two Days in 1978 to Demand Better Access to RTD (5280)
  • Riley Warton

    If I’m crazy, I’d probably say that there’s a conspiracy to shut down RTD.

    Then again I have no evidence so just ignore me I guess?

    • TakeFive

      Riley, I promise that RTD will be fine and will around for a long, long time.

      Everybody likes to be a critic (including me) but these things quickly pass. Cities all have an impossible task of pleasing everybody. RTD is an above average agency.

      Despite the textbook critics for light rail, I project by the Spring of 2020 that 75,000 people will be riding the rails, most going into and out of downtown. Downtown should exceed 130,000 employees by then.

      • Riley Warton

        Oh, thanks for the reassurance.

      • Devin Quince

        I guess if you consider average pretty low. I have used several similar sized cities transit systems and RTD suck beyond description when compared to them.

        • TakeFive

          Well…. how can I argue with that? 🙂

  • deadindenver

    I find it somewhat amazing we already have self driving vehicles on our highways where the variables a self driving vehicle must contend with are virtually infinite. Yet for a train, whose tracks and the location of the crossing are fixed it should be much easier to program when the only variable is the speed of the train. What am I missing?