Tuesday’s Headlines

  • Aurora Mother Runs Over and Kills Her One-Year-Old Boy (Fox 31)
  • Car Crashes Kill More Colorado Workers Than Any Other Cause (Denver Post)
  • Pedestrian Seriously Injured Two Years Ago Now Teaches Kids to Read (ABC 7)
  • Denver City Council Delays Vote on Modest Expansion of Automated Speeding and Red Light Enforcement (CBS 4)
  • Tall Buildings Block GPS Signals RTD A-Line Needs to Trigger Crossing Gates, G-Line Could Start Service Early Next Year (Denver Post)
  • City Council Committee Will Discuss Moving E-Scooters to Bike Lanes Today (ABC 7)
  • Denver Enforcement Officers Become ‘Parking Angels,’ Offer Presents to Motorists Who Don’t Park in Bike Lanes (CBS 4)
  • Denver’s Best and Worst Neighborhoods for Transit Riders Mapped (Denverite)
  • More on Hyperloop Startup Shutting Down (Colorado Sun)
  • ‘Tall, Slender Towers’ at Elitch Gardens Site Would ‘Encourage Density Near Transit’ (Denver Post), Ferris Wheel and 8,000 Homes Planned (Denverite)
  • How to Pronounce Tejon Street, a Word That Means Raccoon (9 News)

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  • Riley Warton

    The first two stories are heart-breaking and depressing.

    Also, while RTD is far, FAR from perfect, I’m glad that they’re at least doing something in response to the FRA. I’m glad that the A line probably isn’t shutting down anymore, for example.

    • TakeFive

      I fail to understand Streetsblog’s motivation in linking to such a personal tragedy. Even if you dislike driveways for some reason using what has to be the most awful thing that can happen to any parent seems less than appropriate for any Streetsblog agenda. Just my two pennies.

      The second article had me scratching my head as to what they were talking about but it was simple enough. People who drive as a part of their job sadly end up dead more often than other job-related causes which are infrequent, gratefully.

      A high share of accidents, about 42 percent, involve workers on the job a year or less.

      So we are likely talking about young drivers or at least drivers still getting used to their responsibilities. In any case I wholeheartedly agree that defensive driving training is the answer whether work-related or all (young) drivers.

      • MT

        Transportation and land use policy that turns streets where kids used to play into the realm of cars, and turns front yards into driveways is bad policy. It results in deaths.
        Changing those policies is motivation for sharing these kinds of stories.