Tuesday’s Headlines

  • Motorist Hit and Killed a Person in a Wheelchair Crossing Colfax in Aurora on Sunday, Fled. And Yes, This Story Just Surfaced to Mainstream News (DenPo)
  • Person Who Was Hit by Driver Yesterday, May Have Been Hit by a Second Driver that Fled (KKTV)
  • “Denver’s Troubles with Commuter Rail a “Perfect Storm” that Threatens A-Line’s Uninterrupted Operation” (DenPo)
  • Downtown Denver Partnership Working on Project in Upper Downtown to Create Friendlier Atmosphere Along Sidewalks, Empty Lots, Amid Sea of Huge Skyscrapers (Denver7)
  • More on E-Scooters Being Possibly Street-Legal (Westword)
  • Two Private Security Guards Beat up an RTD Customer Inside Union Station Bathroom, Pled Guilty (Westword)
  • Colorado Springs to Vote on Ordinance to Ban RV’s from Parking on City Streets (CO Politics)
  • ICYMI, Colorado Has a New Mountain –  A Pile of Dirt, Debris, and Material From the U.S. Highway 34 2013 Flood Recovery Project (KUNC)
  • Someone Dumped a Literal Ton of Used Tires on Forest Service Land Near Buena Vista; Just Another Reason Why Cars are Bad – Tire Waste (CBS4)
  • Bustang, a State Run Bus Service, Will Extend its Pueblo Service to Colorado Springs (Gazette)

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  • Riley Warton

    What’s the most likely scenario to come out of this new A line scandal? A line closing down? Or just an end to the private-public partnerahip? Or something else? I hope the a line will stay up, that would KILL ridership.

    • TakeFive

      Riley, I suspect that your guess is as good as mine. I also suspect that the FRA is frustrated with the conflict between RTD and DTP. Why a fix is so allusive is beyond comprehension. Still, I’m not to worried just yet. 🙂

  • TakeFive

    Oh Boy; another study.

    Actually the combo of DDP and the Upper Downtown Stakeholder Group sounds like a smart idea. It’s always good when stakeholders take the lead.

  • Camera_Shy

    “Person Who Was Hit by Driver Yesterday, May Have Been Hit by a Second Driver that Fled”

    From yesterday’s DP article: “The pedestrian was thrown into the far east side of the highway, where it is believed he was struck again by a car….the driver of the car did not stop.”

    • TakeFive

      Anybody who walks in front of a Big Truck on a freaking freeway feels like an intentional suicide accomplished as sad as that may be.

      • deadindenver

        True it may have been suicide by car, but does that justify the legal and moral imperative to stop and not flee the scene?

        • TakeFive

          Good point; didn’t mean to suggest otherwise. However I have heard of 2nd drivers being aware of running over something without being aware of what they ran over.

      • MT

        Assuming that’s what actually happened. We only get the driver’s story.