Monday’s Headlines

  • A Driver Hit and Killed a Person Biking on Saturday Night (9News)
  • Woman From Thursday’s Hit and Run Has Died; Her Husband (an Alabama Judge) and Daughter Still Seriously Injured,  Police Searching for Driver (DenPo)
  • “More People Have Already Died Walking, Biking and Driving in Denver This Year Than in all of 2017” (Denverite)
  • Political Will Matters, as Does Raising Taxes to Close Gaps in Funding (DenPo)
  • On Colorado’s New Politicians, Including Shontel Lewis- RTD Board Official Representing District B (DenPo)
  • Emergency Shelters Opened on Saturday for Stranded Drivers After I-70 Closure, Warm Community Response to Help Travelers (CBS4)
  • A Father Hangs Homemade Signs to Slow Drivers Along Alameda Intersection; City Says It Can’t Do Much Because That’s CDOT’s Turf (Fox31)

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  • TakeFive

    “More People Have Already Died Walking, Biking and Driving in Denver…”


    “People honestly do not seem to care. They drive so carelessly, they don’t pay attention to the speed limits, street signs, lines, the cars around them,” said Rebecca Fanganello, a lifelong friend of Brown’s and mother to two of his children. “And if you’re on a bicycle, motorcycle or walking, you’re at such a disadvantage. I watch people texting, taking selfies, putting on makeup, lighting cigarettes, all while driving. As if driving is getting in the way of the other things they’re trying to do.”

    Sorry, but individual behavior is and always will be the primary cause. Doing things at the margin may help – a little.

    • MT

      If it’s your view that people will never be able to drive safely, then the only solution is to stop people from driving.
      Which is fine with me. Ban the cars.

      • TakeFive

        Regardless of my own preference, I always respect and accept the “will of the majority” including how the majority chooses to spend their tax $’s for the collective good.