Monday’s Headlines

  • A Parent Struck and Killed Her Toddler in Their Driveway (Denver7)
  • Colorado’s New Vehicle Pollution Standards (Denverite)
  • … Which Won With an Eight-to-Nothing Vote by the Commission (SUN)
  • Drivers Are Speeding Through a Residential Side Street to Cut a Minute Off Of Their Commute, City Can’t Do Anything About it (Denver7)
  • Violence is Less Common When There’s More Foot Traffic, But Cops Continue to Arrest Mostly Latino Kids for Being Out Past Curfew (DenPo)
  • Private Developers Pay the City to Block Public Streets and Sidewalks, But the Money Only Goes Back to Street-Centric Benefits Like “Paving Roads and Filling Pot Holes” (Denver7)
  • CDOT Issued Safety Reminders for Pedestrians First, Then Drivers (VailDaily)
  • A Plane Slid Off the Runway Over the Weekend (Fox31)
  • An Op-Ed Piece on Whether or Not E-Scooters Will be Able to Survive the Courtrooms (DenPo)

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  • TakeFive

    “A Parent Struck and Killed Her Toddler in Their Driveway”

    Clearly an important incident for Streetsbloggers; /sarcasm font off

    • MT

      Not sure what you mean. Why wouldn’t this be important?

  • Brent Mowery

    The MLK extension in Stapleton is now beginning construction today as well according to the project website:

  • Camera_Shy

    For the Sherman Street “highway” problem, maybe install one of those temporary “Your Speed Is…” sign/trailer contraptions that shows the drivers they are speeding (or not). A longer term solution might be to make Sherman a one-way (southbound) between Ohio and Virginia.

    • Devin Quince

      If it is classified as a residential street perhaps work with your neighbors to be in the street as it used to the in the old days.