Wednesday’s Headlines

  • Person Walking Was Hit and Killed by Driver in Colorado Springs, and Bicyclist Dies After Being Hit by Driver Last Week; Making it the Deadliest Year on Record for Colorado Springs  (Gazette)
  • Denver’s Air Quality Has Worsened and Has Failed to Meet Air Standards Yet Again, But Yeah, Let’s Widen and Invest More Into Our Highways (CPR)
  • Jeffco School Bus Driver Calls Out Drivers Who Run Her Stop Signs Daily After Hearing about Motorist in Indiana that Hit Four Children, Killing Three (9News)
  • Denver is One of Five Cities Uber is Using to Launch its Subscription Service (DenPo)
  • Account of a Solo Bike Ride From Glendale to Golden, Making for an Overall “Great Ride” (DenverInfill)
  • Some Lime Scooters Could Catch on Fire, but the Ones in Denver are Fine, Must be the Altitude? (DenPo)
  • Prop 110 and Prop 109 and What They Mean for the Pikes Peak Region (Gazette)
  • Driver Mistakes Fence for Road in Park Hill, Could be Halloween to Blame For Making People Act Spooky (Fox31)

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  • Kevin Withers

    “But Yeah, Let’s Widen and Invest More Into Our Highways”

    Absolutely. The highways will still be here and essential long after fossil fuel cars are gone, and Colorado’s ever increasing population can’t get by with last centuries infrastructure.

    • TakeFive

      Agree plus it’s stalled traffic from congestion that is the biggest contributor to ozone along with Denver’s mile high sun in summer.

      The metro still needs better transit options.

  • Devin Quince

    Yes because widening roads always solves congestion. At least for a few months. Seems like a reasonable waste of money. #NOT