Friday’s Headlines

  • Motorist Seriously Injured a 5-Year-Old Child and Her Father Walking Across Crosswalk Last Week (Fox31)
  • Another Motorist Collides with Another Train (DenPo)
  • Only Four More Years (or Seven Maybe, Who Knows) of Congestion, Smoke and Noise for Residents Near Central 70 Project (Fox31)
  • … And Recent York Street On-Ramp Closure Has Become a Total Mess (Westword)
  • … And Destruction on Homes Has Begun (Fox31)
  • More Details on the New Chariot Shuttle Service (Denverite)
  • Today Marks Two Years Since the G-line Was Supposed to Open (Denver7)
  • New “Performance Based Infrastructure Office” Planning to Open in 2019, Focusing on Public Infrastructure Projects (Denverite)
  • Politicians Constantly Focusing on Low Emission Vehicles Instead of Pushing for Better Multi-Modal Transit Options (Sun)
  • On-Ramp to Peña Opening Ceremony Today, I Guess That’s a Thing (DenPo)
  • Check Out Denverite‘s Race to Ratio Brewery, a Fun Case Study On Transportation in Denver

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