Wednesday’s Headlines

  • More on Polls for Transportation Ballot Measures, Many Voters Still Undecided (DenPo)
  • … And More Here via Denverite
  • Drivers Upset At Google Maps and Traffic Lights Amidst I-70 On-Ramp Closure (Denver7)
  • Public-Private Partnerships to Be More Prevalent in Big Projects, Including Transportation Ones (DBJ)
  • A Report on Road Conditions; Too Bad There Isn’t One on Sidewalk Conditions on the Mainstream News (Fox31)
  • Lot with Vacant Auto Repair Shop (and Big Parking Area) along Colfax Just Sold (BusinessDen)
  • Belmar Elementary Students Celebrate Walk to School Day (Lakewood Sentinel)

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  • Camera_Shy

    Haven’t we already raised taxes for roads in the past? Regardless of if we do this time, what is to ensure the money will be enough for the roads anyway? I mean, I assume that if we approve “new money” for roads, then any money currently being spent on roads will move somewhere else – and we still won’t have enough for the roads!

    • TakeFive

      At the state level, Colorado taxes for roads haven’t been raised since 1991. You may be thinking of Utah which has raised a number of road-specific taxes over the last 15 years.

      • Camera_Shy

        I seem to recall some initiatves that were passed, but the money didn’t go to roads… maybe I am wrong. In any case, at the state level, the tax revenue has gone up with the (driving) population. There are 65% more people in CO now versus 1991. I can only guess that means 65% more drivers buying gasoline. Since fuel standards have not changed in that same timeframe, people are still buying just as much fuel as they were (discounting the paltry amount who drive electric/hybrids). That translates to a 65% increase in fuel taxes collected. So, while the per-gallon rate has not increased, the amount collected surely has. Inflation puts a 1991 dollar at $1.85 today, so 65% has not kept pace with inflation. But it’s only 20% behind. Somewhere, somehow, the roads have not been kept after properly since it appears we are billions behind!