Monday’s Headlines

  • Driver Hits Person Walking Near Coors Field, Causes Injury (Fox31)
  • It’s Now the Second Time a Driver Has Hit a Light Rail Train at this Intersection (Fox31)
  • Permanent Closures Along I-70 As Project Work is Underway (CBS)
  • Police Place Full Blame on Person Walking, Who was Crossing Tracks Illegally, for Getting Hit and Killed by Light Rail Train (Fox31)
  • Here is Another Voter Guide, and Breakdowns for Prop 110 and Prop 109
  • … And More Explanation for Prop 110 and its Benefits, Just in Case (CPR)
  • Winter Driving Tips via Denver7, None of Which Include Taking Public Transit or Carpooling
  • Vail Daily and the Sierra Club Endorsements for Prop 110

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  • Riley Warton

    Speer and Stout seems to be a dangerous intersection. What kinds of safety projects can be done on that street?

  • Daniel

    More sentient trains I see.

    • TakeFive

      lol, I’m not sure where this bug started but it seems to be spreading.