Friday’s Headlines

  • Parents Unite to Demand Traffic Calming, Crosswalks on Dangerous Park Hill Streets (CBS4)
  • Chicago Has Three Times as Many People as Denver, But Our Ped-Bike Death Totals Aren’t Far Behind (Next City)
  • Person Walking Killed by Light Rail Train (Denverite)
  • Denver’s Bus Stops Are Shoddy Because RTD, City Don’t Take Responsibility for Them (DenverUrbanism)
  • Bike Lane Makes Broadway More Appealing for Businesses (Profile)
  • 9News Picks Up on Research Showing Uber, Lyft Make Traffic Worse and Cannibalize Transit
  • This Story on E-Scooters Is a Daily Fixture, But Here’s Another One (Fox31)
  • Roaring Fork Transit Aims to Raise Funds with Property Tax (KUNC)

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  • TakeFive

    “Bike Lane Makes Broadway More Appealing for Businesses”

    It also impacts parking in the area. “Construction has hurt business,” she said. “Every day it’s less parking spaces.”

    What’s most obvious about ‘gentrification’ is that long-timers become riff-raff to be pushed along So. Broadway. Englewood; Littleton near Littleton Blvd isn’t bad.

  • Daniel

    “Person Walking Killed by Light Rail Train”

    Trains have achieved sentience, that’s news to me.

  • TakeFive

    “Parents Unite to Demand Traffic Calming…”

    She points to 17th, 19th, Montview, and 23rd Avenues as problem spots creating danger zones with more drivers using those roads as alternative to I-70 and Colfax.

    So loss of road capacity has a negative impact on neighborhoods? Then conversely added capacity (on I-70) would be good for nearby neighborhoods, make them safer? Got it.