Monday’s Headlines

  • Broadway Bike Lane Extension to Cherry Creek Trail on its Way — as Expected — But Not Until 2020 (DenPo)
  • Motorists Don’t Understand Basic Rules Regarding Bike Lane on South Monaco (CBS4)
  • Lakewood State Senate Candidate Tony Sanchez: Bike Lanes Are a Conspiratorial Attack from the United Nations (Times Recorder)
  • The CU Professor and Blogger Who Declared War on Soul-Sucking Surface Parking Lots (5280)
  • Grandoozy Neighbor on Expected Traffic Armageddon: “It Wasn’t that Big a Deal” (Fox31)
  • …Though Grandoozy Rejected RTD Bid to Expand Transit Service for Festival (9News)
  • RTD Track Work Continues Between Convention Center and 30th & Downing (9News)
  • Bustang Ridership Strong and Growing, But CDOT-Run Transit Service Lacks Drivers to Expand (Aspen Times)

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