Today’s Headlines

  • Motorist Kills Person Walking at 17th and Federal (Fox31)
  • Incorrect Sentinel Editorial: RTD Fare Pass Overhaul Seeks “To Create a New Class of Passengers Who Are Poor, Really Poor”
  • City’s Sidewalk Improvement Program Has Some Kinks to Work Out (ABC7)
  • G Line Horns Still Driving Arvada Residents, Business Owners Up the Wall (ABC7)
  • Lime Claims it Pulled Bike-Share from Aurora Because Company Didn’t Get Denver Permit, which Company Didn’t Apply For (Sentinel)
  • Perennial Drunk Driver John Thompson Gets 5 Years Prison Time After Eighth DUI (DenPo)
  • Westword Dives Deep into Dangers of Driving High
  • Motorist Slams Jeep Through Pot Shop (9News)
  • Walk, Bike, or Take Transit to Avoid the Traffic Crush of September Festivals (DenPo)
  • Displaced by I-70 in the 90s, Family Loses Home to National Western Center Development (Denverite)
  • ACLU Demands 31 Colorado Cities Repeal Pedestrian-Hostile Panhandling Bans (DenPo)

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  • TakeFive

    “Incorrect Sentinel Editorial:”

    That has to be one of the better pieces I’ve read on the Sentinel. It does an excellent job of encapsulating the current circumstances and impossible challenges RTD faces. As a large transit agency they’ll never be able to satisfy everybody and even satisfying any one constituency is improbable. Add into the mix that growing numbers of people have been choosing NOT to ride the bus only adds to the challenge.

    • iBikeCommute

      Agreed. The article really shows that a new revenue stream is needed rather than just shuffling rates from one group to another.

    • Camera_Shy

      The challenges for RTD, the transit agency, are a direct result of the way in which the metropolitan area was developed. I can’t fault RTD for not being able to deal with homes and business centers being sprayed around the prairie like a fine mist. I fault the city planners (all of them, not just Denver) for taking the easy (cheap?) way out when it came to developmental planning over the past 40-50 years. That said, I think you and I agree.

  • Camera_Shy

    “G Line Horns Still Driving Arvada Residents, Business Owners Up the Wall”

    Once again, these trains are not for us, they are for the people who will live here in the future. We are just the people who get to experience the rollout of the future of transportation in the area.

  • Camera_Shy

    “The Aurora (bike share) pilot program only allowed Lime to serve a small
    portion of the Denver metro area, so we have made the decision to remove our pedal bikes from Aurora.”

    Can someone explain what that statement means? I am having trouble making sense of it. Thanks!