Today’s Headlines

  • City, RTD to Paint Dockless Scooter and Bike Parking at Transit Stops (ABC7)
  • Officials Mull Changing Law to Let E-Scooters Off Sidewalks (Denverite)
  • Next Round of Bus Stop Consolidations, Starting Today, Should Speed Up Buses (CBS4)
  • 16th Street Mall Shuttle Gets New Stop at Union Station Commuter Rail Platform (DenverUrbanism)
  • They’re Back: Return of A Line Crossing Guards Spell Return of Chronic Problem for RTD (DenPo)
  • More People Living Near Sloan’s Lake Means Wider Walking, Biking Paths (Denverite)
  • Supposedly Poor CDOT to Cut Ribbon on $350M I-25 Widening Thursday (DenPo)

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  • Riley Warton

    So the A line cross guards are back? Does this mean that the A line technology isn’t safe at all? If there needs to be horns and cross guards that’s gonna strain resources.

    • kevin

      Strain who’s resources? Those things are paid for by the private concessionaire through withholding of the P3 contract’s availability payments. RTD is not paying that expense, the design and operations risk was transferred to the private sector. What it will strain is the public perception because that cost transfer is not well understood or publicized by local news outlets.

    • Camera_Shy

      If they are back, I can only surmise that a crossing gate somewhere, somehow, did not go down properly, if at all. And, I would expect nothing less since as far as I can tell nothing has ever been corrected to address this original problem (gates not going down in time/at all).

      The people manning the crossings are not there to lift a gate that has not returned to the “up” position. They are not going to lift a gate. They only serve as a back-up for when/if the gates do not go down properly/in time/at all.

      • Camera_Shy

        “…a G-Line test train reached a crossing ahead of the safety gates’ minimum 20-second warning time.”

        Probably because the train approached the crossing too fast…