Today’s Headlines

  • No Joke: CDOT, City Consider Plopping Elyria Swansea Residents in Hotels During I-70 Construction Racket (ABC7)
  • River North will Resemble Walkable Downtown in Five Years (303 Magazine)
  • RTD Light Rail Extension to Southern Exurbs on Schedule (Herald)
  • Bicyclist Gary Moody Blamed for Death-by-Truck on Berthoud Pass (Reporter-Herald)

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  • internetpoints

    *Berthoud Parkway, not Berthoud Pass

    • iBikeCommute

      Strange that the coroner ruled the death accidental. Would the autopsy look any different if the truck driver ran him over on purpose?

      • surly trucker

        The reporting doesn’t make much sense…how did Mr. Moody strike the passenger side of the truck if they were both headed in the same direction? Sounds like a right hook to me.

        • Devin Quince

          Did they verify the driver passed with 3+ feet?