Today’s Headlines

  • Driver Kills Person Crossing Street at Alameda and Pecos (Fox31)
  • Driver Kills Person Walking in Aurora, Police Blame Victim, So Does DenPo
  • Hancock: Denver Transit District Possible (CPR)
  • City’s Laws, Infrastructure Haven’t Caught Up with Demand for Scooters (CBS4)
  • Supposedly Poor CDOT Breaks Ground on Second Highway Widening in Two Weeks (DenPo)
  • Supposedly Poor CDOT Implements Connected Vehicle Tech on I-70 (9News)
  • Turns Out G Line Horns Are Loud (Fox31)
  • Longmont, Neighbors Say They’ll Throw in Cash if RTD Builds Northwest Rail (DenPo)
  • Organization Helps Kids with Disabilities Learn to Ride Bikes (CBS4)

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  • internetpoints

    Enjoyed the CPR Colorado Matters podcast with Mayor Hancock. Overall seems like DenveRight is an excellent compromise. Needs permanently allocated funding ASAP. Is it too late in his term to make progress?

    Have also been enjoying the scooters – when I can find one within walking distance. I’d estimate the city needs 5x more of them to be convenient. I will continue to ride in bike lanes and streets as that is the safer option than sidewalks. Are they taken offline after ~9pm? Neither app showed any available citywide last night.

  • Camera_Shy

    Yes, I will say the horns are loud. The nearest G-Line station is 1.5 miles as the crow flies from my home. I hear the train horns quite well – although they do not wake me up in the early morning. I feel for those who live directly along the route. Two of the residences I’ve lived in have been at least 1 mile away from train tracks. That’s the minimum I’ll allow, it makes for a pleasing “off-in-the-distance” train sound.

    • Camera_Shy

      Ok, so we went to dinner in Olde Town Arvada the other evening. And, yeah, those horns are LOUD!!! On top of that, BOTH sets of crossing gates go down and stay down the whole time a train is coming into/leaving Arvada. This includes the time the train sits in the station. I’d guess the gates were down for 5 minutes when a commuter train came thru.