Today’s Headlines

  • Residents Against I-70 Widening Injustice Protest Hickenlooper’s, Hancock’s Groundbreaking (CPR)
  • Paco Sanchez Park a Good Excuse to Use Bike Trail Network (Denverite)
  • Homes Replacing Surface Parking Lot at 18th and Market (BusinessDen)
  • Nonprofit Helps Kids Get on Bikes Early, Even if They Can’t Afford One (CPR)
  • DenPo Reader Claims City Mandated Sidewalk Repairs Are “Sweetheart Deal” for Contractors

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  • Camera_Shy

    I am curious about the parking situation at 18th & Market. The rendering shows the only place residents may have parking is under the building. Anyone know what the plan is?

    • TakeFive

      This was originally acquired by Trammel Crow Res and Denver Infill reviewed the proposal.

      The 2nd level is proposed as all automobile parking—108 spaces—which is one of the items cited by city staff as not meeting the Lower Downtown Design Standards and Guidelines. The LoDo design standards discourage above ground parking and require that any parking above the street be set back from the front property line by at least 16 feet and wrapped by other uses.

      One and a half levels of below-grade parking include storage space for an additional 206 automobiles, bringing the building’s total parking count to 371 spaces, or a 1.22 parking space/unit ratio, with all parking accessed via the alley.

      Not sure where they ended up of if that still needs to be settled.

      • Camera_Shy

        I realize they are only conceptual renderings, but the two differ in their portrayal of the 2nd level parking. In the Trammel Crow depiction, the parking level is clearly visible. Greystar’s, not so much.

        I am only curious. Wondering if there’s a parking minimum being enforced. Wondering how many parking spots are currently at the vacant 18th & Market lot, and how many will be there once the new building is complete.

        1/4 mile from Union Station and all of the transit it has to offer seems an ideal location to have little or no parking…

        • TakeFive

          Ahh, now that we’re on the same page, 2nd DI update mentioned that building approvals were done but didn’t address the parking. At this point the question is what changes Greystar will make – if any. These apartments are supposed to be nice so a guess that the development/investment mentality is for a good amount of parking. Don’t follow the zoning requirements but I doubt parking minimums are an issue; they’re likely minimal if any.