Today’s Headlines

  • CDOT Wants Elyria Swansea Residents to Endure 24/7 Noise So It Can Shove More Cars Through Their Neighborhood (CBS4)
  • Aurora Mayor Bob LeGare Defends Life-Saving Red Light Cameras, Which Voters Could Oust in November (9News)
  • Car-Share Getting More Popular, Especially for Longer Trips (DBJ)
  • ABC7 Tries to Revive Stale Story About A Line Delay
  • Longmont Motorist Assaults Bicyclist in Fit of Road Rage (Camera)
  • Boulder County Will Subsidize E-Bike Purchases (303 Cycling)
  • Volunteers Help Keep 71-Mile Highline Canal Walking and Biking Trail in Good Shape (Profile)

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