Today’s Headlines

  • House Committee Advances Highway-Heavy Transportation Bill, $1.5B Lighter (DBJ)
  • Aurora Sentinel Fine with Robbing Education for Wider Highways
  • Park Hill Golf Course Lawsuit Could Derail Plans for Affordable Homes Near Transit (Denverite)
  • Bike Denver Looking for Volunteers to Do “Courtesy Patrols” on Local Trails (Fox31)
  • Baumgardner Stripped of Summer Transportation Committee Post (Independent)

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  • TakeFive

    Coming down to the wire on transportation where the politics is always fascinating. It’s has to be confusing unless you understand the politics of it. The Aurora Sentinel piece, while itself a bit confused also puts a great wrap on the process.

    Democrats should be lauded [for] stepping up as the adults in the room and ensuring a roads bill doesn’t further jeopardize already ailing state education and health programs. But it may be time to get what we can for now, and come back for a better solution when the political weather at the Capitol is better.