Today’s Headlines

  • GOP Senators Scream Freedom as They Ensure Deadly Distracted Driving Continues (9News)
  • Colorado Republicans Want to Prioritize Highway Expansions Over Schools (CPR)
  • Westword Columnist Wants RTD to Pay Riders to Use Transit
  • RTD Train Operators Run Stop Lights (CPR)
  • Former Seattle Transpo Chief: Amazon HQ2 Would Accelerate Sustainable Transport in Denver (Denverite)
  • …While DenPo Columnist Says Hubbub Should Prompt Better Transit No matter What (DenPo)
  • Colorado Politics Thinks Trump Speech Will Clue In Road Expansionists
  • Walkers, Bikers Keep Dying on Colorado Springs Streets, Which “Raises Concerns” (KKTV)

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  • TakeFive

    Colorado Republicans Want to Prioritize Highway Expansions Over Schools

    Colorado is falling behind other growing states with respect to infrastructure investment and it shows. With respect to schools I would support additional infrastructure spending. Colorado is not keeping up with needs when it comes to higher education.

    Interesting factoid: AZ/Phoenix has a Best in Class transportation system and funding. They are on the 12th year of the 2nd 20-year voter approved funding plan. There’s nothing better than an adequate dedicated stream of revenue for transportation. With respect to K-12 it’s a picture of for better and worse. The worse: teachers are poorly compensated, sadly. For better: Arizona has five of the top ten High Schools in the country. Arizona has also poured $billions into higher education over the last decade and they are starting to reap the dividends from that investment. BTW, they copied the “Texas model” in doing this.