Today’s Headlines

  • Judge Lets CDOT Expansionists Continue March Toward Wider I-70 (Denverite)
  • Transportation, Housing Top City Council Priorities on Paper (ABC7)
  • DPW, CDOT Plows Make Snowy Sidewalks Worse (9News)
  • Typical: Bus Riders Get Short End of Stick When It Snows (Fox31)
  • Shocker: GOP, Dems Align Against Each Other on Transpo Funding (DBJ)
  • Westword Claims RTD Made Things Worse With L Line
  • DenPo Readers Don’t Want Amazon Because of Traffic, Transpo Infrastructure

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  • TakeFive

    “Judge Lets CDOT Expansionists Continue March Toward Wider I-70”

    “The focus of the movement is on the 2018/2019 elections and holding leadership accountable for the impending boondoggle that will further displace and negatively impact thousands of minority residents,”

    Very disingenuous; What I am hoping is that the Central 70 project provides just enough ‘protection’ to block Denver’s rampant gentrification from uprooting the existing population. If Central 70 can accomplish this then I’ll be delighted.

    BTW, who could seriously believe that a Federal judge would buy into a conspiracy theory?

    • MT

      The solution to gentrification then is to make neighborhoods isolated, polluted, and unpleasant enough that richer people won’t want to live there, so poorer people get to stay in a crappy place?

      • TakeFive

        By the time Central 70 is completed those neighborhoods will be nicer than they have ever been. The pollution should be much improved. Phoenix has 25 years of experience with a deck park/tunnel; it works well. If you’re unfamiliar with the various improvements planned for the area you might enjoy checking them out. (Click on Neighborhood Plans)

        BTW, Central 70 is no guarantee against gentrification. I also understand that gentrification is accelerating in SW Denver although that’s a large enough area that it may not be a negative.

        • MT

          No idea what you are thinking. You said you hope this highway can prevent gentrification. How? By making it a place people won’t want to move to?

          If so, how is that good for the people that are there? They get to stay, but only because it’s isolated and polluted and no one else wants to live there.

          The pollution should be improved? How?