Today’s Headlines

  • G Line Opening Still Months Away, But RTD Sees Finish Line (DenPo)
  • … While Public Utilities Boss Says Commission Just Doing Its Job (DenPo)
  • Driver Plows Through Longmont Family’s Home (CBS4)
  • City Council OKs More Land Acquisition for Flood Retention Tied to I-70 Widening (DenPo)
  • Ray Scott, Who Wanted to Tax Bike Riders, Wants More Money for Roads (DenPo)
  • DenPo Reader: It’s Reckless to Mix E-Bikes with Human-Powered Bikes
  • Sun Rising Continues to Hamper Car-Centric Transport System (9News)
  • The Gazette Suggests Sentient SUVs Severely Injured Two People in Colorado Springs

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