Today’s Headlines

  • G Line Opening Still Months Away, But RTD Sees Finish Line (DenPo)
  • … While Public Utilities Boss Says Commission Just Doing Its Job (DenPo)
  • Driver Plows Through Longmont Family’s Home (CBS4)
  • City Council OKs More Land Acquisition for Flood Retention Tied to I-70 Widening (DenPo)
  • Ray Scott, Who Wanted to Tax Bike Riders, Wants More Money for Roads (DenPo)
  • DenPo Reader: It’s Reckless to Mix E-Bikes with Human-Powered Bikes
  • Sun Rising Continues to Hamper Car-Centric Transport System (9News)
  • The Gazette Suggests Sentient SUVs Severely Injured Two People in Colorado Springs

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  • Camera_Shy

    Funny that Denver Post filed the first linked article under “Politics” and not “Transportation,” but I guess it makes sense since…

    “The problem is that RTD and its vendor have not been able to get the
    gates operating according to the design proposed by RTD and approved by
    the commission.”

    I may just be me, but that statement is STILL true. No solution was ever presented, this has all been Politics just to get the thing going!