Today’s Headlines

  • Advocates Hold Vigil for Hundreds of Trees Being Lost to Flood Project Knotted with I-70 Widening (CBS4)
  • As If Most Aurora Transit Riders Don’t Use Bus, Aurora Sentinel Editorial Claims Sparsely Used R Line Is Start of “Real Mass Transit”
  • The Hill Gives Koch Brothers Shill O’Toole a Megaphone to Assert “Transit Apocalypse” in Denver
  • Silencing Train Horns Is Next Federal Hurdle for RTD (DBJ)
  • East Colfax Businesses May Tax Themselves More to Complete Streetscaping (DBJ)
  • Local Art Is Key to Morrison Road Renaissance (Confluence)
  • Park Hill Church Hosts Forum on City’s Climate Goals Tonight (Politics)
  • Former Libertarian Presidential Candidate Wants to Take Traffic Fine Revenue from State (5280)

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  • TakeFive

    The Hill Gives Koch Brothers Shill O’Toole a Megaphone

    I know what The Hill is as I read it from time to time: Nothing there today about Denver though.

    • David Sachs

      The link is now fixed.

      • TakeFive

        Oh thanks; there really is piece on that site. Well, Randall is entitled to his own opinion but he’s not entitled to make up his own facts. The one thing that really grates is:

        Due to overruns that nearly doubled construction costs…

        I’ve seen that reference due to sloppy reporting but in Randall’s case he knows better. His link was to a News7 piece back in March of 2012 and reflected a reappraisal of the worst case scenario given the dire circumstances at that time. The total tab for all rail related costs (excluding only the Boulder BRT) should come in at close to $5.8 billion. That’s only about a $billion higher than the $4.7 billion originally ‘estimated.’ Neither does he mention that thanks (substantially) to passage of the ARRA, RTD received upwards of $2 billion in various and sundry grants.