Today’s Headlines

  • With CDOT’s I-70 Expansion, “Redlining Returns to Denver” (The Nation)
  • Driver Hits Wheelchair-Bound Kyle Wolf in Uptown, Denver PD Tickets Victim (Fox31)
  • Apparently RTD’s N-Line “Threatens” Cemetery By Changing Its Entrance (DenPo)
  • Forest City’s Central Park Station TOD May or May Not Have Affordable Homes, Excessive Parking (Front Porch)
  • 80,000-Person Overland Park Music Fest Will Rely on Transit, Bike Connections (The Know)
  • Development Near Nine Mile Station on Hold in Aurora (9News)
  • DenPo Columnist: The End of Horsepower Tells Us Why Transportation Has to Pivot from Coal

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  • mckillio

    The guy in the wheelchair story is really messed up. Even if it was his fault for being in the intersection, how does that remove all responsibility from the driver hitting him? It’s kind of like if I’m near a fight and someone hits me, sure I shouldn’t have been there but that doesn’t make hitting me okay.

    • TakeFive

      Generally speaking you’re are required to yield to pedestrians so I dunno. I would hope that the driver didn’t intentionally hit him just bcuz he had the green light. Sounds to me like there’s details we don’t know about and I wouldn’t speculate.

    • JZ71

      The police officer has two choices (in a situation like this one) – assign blame (more) to one party OR blame (ticket) neither party. The police officer doesn’t write the laws nor does he design the intersection, (s)he just has to analyze the evidence, provide a written opinion and let the courts and insurance companies come up with a final resolution.

      And I agree, there’s likely blame on BOTH sides. But I’d guess that the pedestrian’s own statements worked against him: “Wolfe said . . . that day, he was carrying stuff in his lap and it kept slipping as he crossed the street. ‘When you are moving, everything is falling. I need to pick it up.'” There are plenty of options for keeping stuff in your lap, just like you can use a rope to secure a load to a vehicle (or not).

      We have rules for a reason, especially in urban areas. We may not like them, but it’s the price we pay for living in a civilized society. The alternative is chaos. But rules can also be changed, given valid reasons and enough will on the part of those being impacted. Adding more time to cross is obviously one option, but just expecting the world to bend to your own sense of time just shows incredible hubris!

      • Motorists who cannot yield to a pedestrian regardless of the state of the traffic signal need to be shown to the back of a patrol car. They are operating a 3-ton machine and are allegedly licensed to do so. Rule number one is “Do no harm”. I can’t believe the Denver PD is so callous; oh wait, yes I can.