Today’s Headlines

  • Will Development Sparked by East Colfax Bus Rapid Transit Benefit Everyone? (CPR)
  • Jesus Carreno, Drunk Driver Who Killed Colleen O’Connor, Released from Prison (DenPo)
  • Drivers Keep Crashing on Broomfield Street Designed for Speed, ABC7 Endorses Widening It
  • DenPo Reader: Yes, Colorado’s New Texting While Driving Law Is Step Backwards
  • Tuk Tuks Making Their Way Onto South Broadway (BusinessDen)
  • Lakewood Residents Petition to Cap Growth and Development (Sentinel)
  • Disability Rights Group Against GOP Cuts to Medicaid Launched With Protests Against RTD (DenPo)
  • Westminster Residents Want City to Follow Through on Commitment to Affordable Homes (Window)
  • A Garden of the Gods Without Cars? Maybe. (Gazette)

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  • JZ71

    Slow news day? Two are from two weeks ago, several are a week old . . .

    • David Sachs

      The older articles are from weekly publications, checked once a week. If the news was no longer relevant, they would not be posted. Thanks for your helpful comment. Hopefully it helped clear things up for people.

      • JZ71

        Thanks for the quick response!

  • Anthony

    I love the Jim Turner story. Truck has been hit seven times, so instead of parking his truck in his garage or driveway, he wants the city to spend millions of dollars to widen the road because he thinks that will keep his truck from getting hit by inattentive drivers? Then, once it’s widened, he’ll certainly complain about increased traffic volumes and speeds ruining his once serene residential neighborhood…

  • mckillio

    That road is already too wide for a 30 mph speed limit with the center media lane. This stretch could use some trees to try and help slow traffic down.