Today’s Headlines

  • Ped-Bike Safety Is “Hot Topic” on Cap Hill One-Ways, But Slower Speeds No Guarantee (ABC7)
  • Norlan Estrada-Reyes Faces Four to 12 Years for Killing Karina Pulec With Car (DenPo)
  • Denver’s Car-Free Park-Slash-Trail Opens on 21st Street (Denverite, 9News)
  • Driver Kills Road Worker in Silverthorne (9News)
  • Golden Triangle Development to Have 127 More Parking Stalls Than Homes (Denverite)
  • Boulder Police Arrest Hit-and-Run Driver Who Injured Woman (Camera)

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  • ElyLake

    That first story is not very informed about cycling in Denver. Yes, bikes may have the RIGHT to cycle on 13th & 14th in Capitol Hill, but if you do, you’re an idiot! 12th has marked cycle lanes in both directions and is far friendlier to two-wheeled traffic. Same for 16th on the other side of Colfax. Why anyone would insist on 13th, 14th, or Colfax when there are far better options just a couple of blocks north or south is a mystery to me.

    I have the same reaction when I see cyclists on Colorado Blvd. Are they insane? There are better options east or west that won’t get you killed. Please use them, and leave the major arteries to the cars!