Today’s Headlines

  • Lawmakers Will Mortgage State Property to Expand and Repair Highways (Denverite)
  • …Which DenPo Claims Is One of Capitol’s “Major Accomplishments”
  • Shoddy Pedestrian Bridges Mean Detours of Up to a Mile (9News)
  • Will Zoning Changes Truly Ensure Affordable Housing Near A-Line? (Denverite)
  • Safety in Numbers as Kids Biked and Scootered to School Yesterday (CBS4)
  • Traffic Deaths Continue to Rise Dramatically (La Voz)

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  • EMB

    The Bible Park bridge closures are a huge annoyance for me. That’s my best way to cross Yale on my way to and from work (the underpass just west of Oneida is the only place I don’t have to deal with cars or lights that take way too long.) Not only is it a mile detour, getting from the only open bridge to the underpass sends you through a parking lot.

    The south bridge (the most heavily used) won’t be ready to use until Spring 2018? This is ridiculous. The only positive thing about this is that the new bridge will be wide enough for people to use it in both directions at once.

    The northwest bridge, the only one that’s still functional, is even worse than the others were. It feels narrower, the bumps getting on and off the bridge are worse, and the closest curb cut’s not directly in line with the bridge. (And it’s almost always blocked by a parked car, anyway.)

    We could at least improve the access to the northwest bridge immediately by repaving the alley leading into it and adding a curb cut that would allow direct access. Denver Water doesn’t control that.

    • TakeFive

      Long, long time ago I lived on the west side of I-25 but I was well familiar with Bible Park and its trails.