Today’s Headlines

  • As Traffic Crashes and Deaths Rise, Denver PD Lets Drivers Off the Hook More (Denverite)
  • Driver Seriously Injures Person Walking at 6th and Sheridan (ABC7)
  • Driver Seriously Injures Person Riding Bike at 7th and Washington (DPD)
  • Driver Seriously Injures Person Riding Bike at 52nd and Wadsworth (Fox31)
  • RTD’s G-Line Delayed Until A-Line Glitches Are Fixed (DBJ)
  • News Flash: Cities That Invest in Active Transportation Have Happier Residents (DBJ)
  • Denver Joins “Smart City Collaborative” to Discuss Transportation Stuff (DenPo)
  • A RiNo Development Near 38th and Blake Station Will Have 437 Parking Spaces (DenverInfill)
  • Will App-Based Ride-Hailing Services Put Taxis Out of Business? (DenPo)
  • “Denver’s Average Apartment Rent Just Fell for the First Time in Years” (Denverite)

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  • Anthony

    David, highlighting the 150-room hotel as having 437 parking spaces is disingenuous and misleading at best, a flat out lie at worst. The parking will also serve the 250,000 sf of office. If we give the office 1.5 spaces per 1,000 sf that gives the hotel 62 spaces or 1 space for every 2.5 keys. I know you can’t fit all the details in a lede like that, but highlighting the article the way you did only gives legitimacy to the people who say you will fight parking for the sake of fighting parking.

    • John Riecke

      What’s wrong with fighting parking for the sake of fighting parking? Parking is awful and designing around it has destroyed our city cores and finances.

      • Anthony

        John, I don’t dispute that parking is a colossal waste of our resources, notably space and money. However, it’s important to make coherent and accurate arguments so people arguing for parking for the sake of arguing for parking can’t discredit our arguments.

        David, I’ve been feeling really feisty the last couple days so I apologize; re-reading my comment it was pretty critical and even harsh. You do good work here, so I want it to be successful.

      • Aaron

        I agree with John and the spin on this story. The best argument that I have heard is that we have solved the affordable housing crisis: for our cars. How many parking garages and lots does RiNo really need? Especially near transit? The city of Boulder has a garage in the works on the Hill that will be public but also serve a hotel. The ratio to rooms and businesses will not be large, but the $18 million the city plans to spend on the project will not be generated by parking fees, by the city’s projection, even after 30 years. Unfortunately the current rhetoric is that parking is necessary. Among the more progressive, that its a necessary evil. But when will we stop? When every available lot is 5 stories of parking and 2 of office?

    • David Sachs

      I also mentioned ground-floor retail, but I did glaze over the office building portion when I read it this morning. Honest mistake.