Today’s Headlines

  • Hancock Proposes Budget With $19 Million for “Mobility” (Denverite, DenPo)
  • Competing Affordable Housing Fund Bills Move Through Council (DenPo, Denverite)
  • Residents Near Regis University Under Impression They Own Street Space (ABC7)
  • DenPo Columnist: Don’t Fine Drivers Who Speed in School Zones
  • Remove Eight-Lane Speer Boulevard and Watch Neighborhoods Thrive (Denverite)
  • Driver Hits Person on Bike in Longmont, Doesn’t Stop (303 Cycling)

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  • TakeFive

    Hancock’s budget proposal seems well thought-out on the whole. They are adding a lot of new personnel especially when you consider the add-on affect from previous years. This inevitably leads to higher operating costs going forward but heh, Denver is a growing city.

    For anybody who is interested in Denver’s Capital Improvement Program, check out the Elevate 2020 Denver pdf. There currently exists a backlog of $560 million of “priority” projects through 2020 with about half of that designated for transportation. This 6-year projected budget will be updated next year to run through 2022.

  • Walter Crunch

    Why expand the cherry creek trail at millions oer.mile?simply take a lane from speer and make it a dedicated bike lane. Done. For not much money.