Today’s Headlines

  • A-Line Stops Suddenly, Strands Passengers on Track for Hour-Plus (ABC7)
  • B-Cycle Director: NACTO Standards for Station Density Don’t Make Sense in Denver (Denverite)
  • Thoughtful Westword Reporter Lectures “Entitled” “Asshats” on Bikes
  • RTD’s Two-Station B-Line Between Union Station and Westminster Won’t Please Everyone (DenPo)
  • Six Projects That Will Forever Change North Denver, According to Denverite
  • Driver Injures Person Walking in Cap Hill (DenPo)
  • Could E-Bikes Prompt an Urban Commuting Revolution? (DenPo)
  • Hancock Administration Responds to Guardian Article Calling Mayor “Cunning” (Denverite)
  • Fort Collins Bicyclist Dies After Colliding With Parked Car (DenPo)

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  • Walter Crunch

    Basically, if bikes just obeyed every single car rule, not a single biker would die….or be injured…right? Especially love the part about side paths. Car culture has dictated that side paths are only for people walking. Since when? Since it was fashionable to push bikes into traffic as targets? I will and always ride where I feel safest. Car law or not.