Today’s Headlines

  • Hit-and-Run Driver Kills Person Riding Bike at 1st and Gilpin (CBS4)
  • Councilman Espinoza Pleads With US DOT to Reroute I-70 Instead of Widening It (DenPo)
  • …While City Council Debates Higher Utility Bills to Pay for Drainage Project Tied to Expansion (DenPo)
  • …And Westword Questions Whether Neighborhoods Will Benefit From Flood Protection
  • Building And Repairing Roads Is Really Expensive (ABC7)
  • Littleton Rolls Out Small, Free Bike Sharing Program (Independent)

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  • Scott Sanderson

    This is an update regarding the tickets for running stop signs at 16th and Gilpin. On Friday, I got a ticket there for rolling slowly through the stop sign on a B-cycle. The cop was giving tickets to everyone who did not put a foot down. It seems it was due to complaints from the residents of the house on the SW corner of the intersection, who were watching from their front porch. Today, there was no cop, but I saw the residents sitting on the porch and looking at me angrily (even though this time I did a 100% full stop). Just be careful riding through here because I think they are likely to complain again and the cop will probably be back. Especially when coming down the hill northbound on Gilpin because it is easy to roll through the sign, such as when there are no pedestrians or cars present (this is how I got busted).