Today’s Headlines

  • House Committee Wants to Makes Running Red Lights Less Enforceable (CBS4)
  • New Performing Arts Complex Will Significantly Up Parking Spaces Near Transit (DenPo)
  • Confluence “Special Report” on Making Denver Walkable Centers on Downtown
  • Public Can Comment on MLK Boulevard Extension (Front Porch)
  • Fort Collins Police Search for Driver Who Hit Person Walking Bicycle (Coloradoan)
  • Lakewood Pursues Better Bike Infrastructure (DenPo)

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This post was edited to correct the amount of parking being planned at the Performing Arts Complex.

  • JerryG

    First, the plans for the Performing Arts Complex are not at a fixed state at this time. That will come later after funding is identified and potential developers become involved. Second, doubling is not going from 1700 to potentially 2600, but to potentially 3400. That number was not mentioned in the article. Lastly, the article in DP did not state whether the 2600 is for the Performing Arts Complex alone or if it is also for the residential towers. The writer of the article could not make that statement since the plans are not fixed at this time.

  • John Riecke

    Huge lanes on that MLK project. How much you want to bet they set the sped limit at 35 and then get all confused when people do 60.