Today’s Headlines

  • Driver Hits Person Walking at Colorado and 12th (DenPo)
  • Denver Post Favors Raising Gas Tax or Sales Tax to Pay for Roads
  • RTD Stops Charging After Transit Riders Wait Hours to Get Downtown for Broncos Parade (Times-Call)
  • DenPo Reader: If City Wants People to Ditch Cars, It Must Make Bike Routes Usable in Winter
  • Yes, People on Bikes Pay Taxes (Coloradoan)
  • The Coloradoan Gripes Over I-70 Widening — Because I-25 in Northern CO Won’t Get Bigger

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  • John

    The person who wrote in to the Denver Post didn’t mention bike lanes which also become dangerous or impassable. The bike lanes get piled with mounds of snow, which take weeks of nice weather to melt, and the snow forces riders to risk a slip or move out into the car lane. I wonder if it’s the snowplows or car owners clearing off their parked vehicles who treat the bike lane as a snow dumping zone?