Today’s Headlines

  • Advocates Against I-70 Widening Have Better Idea (CBS4)
  • CPR Interviews Researcher Who Proved Sharrows Don’t Make Streets Safer
  • Misguided Article Claims Colorado Station Bike-Ped Bridge Is Nuisance for Drivers, Neighbors (Chronicle)
  • Can Cops Boot Cars in Private Parking Palaces? (Fox31)
  • Construction Begins on Cherry Creek Apartments, Supplanting Parking Garage (DenverInfill)
  • Boulder Planning Board Allows Development With Parking Reduction (Daily Camera)

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  • surly trucker

    Hey David, you missed the ‘interview’ with Jon Caldara (president of the Independence Institute) in today’s Denver Business Journal where he is asked about bikes and says “They are a wonderful form of recreation. The are not for transportation.” Not surprising considering the source, but still….

    • David Sachs

      Definitely an oversight. Thanks for the heads up — I’ll make sure it gets in next week.

  • Paul Antony

    Here’s a better editorialized headline:

    “Advocates Against I-70 Widening Propose $5B Better Idea: Claims That Fairy Dust Will Solve Everything”

    Retired political science professors have way too much time on their hands to gum up years of planning by real transportation professionals.

  • John Riecke

    Omfg, that Chronicle article… I lol’d. Then I was upset by the fact that such a person has such a loud voice and so much spite for bicyclists.