Today’s Headlines

  • JeffCo: Neighbors Can Slow Down Speeding Drivers — For a Price (9News)
  • Lawmakers Scold CDOT For Spending $150M on Offices Instead of Transportation (DenPo)
  • Elevation DC Praises DPW For Managing Parking Spaces in Baker, Which Still Cost $1 an Hour
  • Traffic Ticket Data May Reveal Racial Profiling (ABC7)
  • Daily Camera Reader Offers Strange Satire on Bike-Ped Infrastructure
  • RTD Board Chair Sisk to Hold Virtual Town Hall on District’s Transit Choices (Times-Call)

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  • ANM

    Well maybe people wouldn’t drive so fast in the first place if the road were not so wide… Traffic engineers like wider lanes so people feel more comfortable driving higher speeds. In this case, the width of the street and the speed limit and the uses along the street simply don’t match. It’s too bad other improvements cannot be made, like striping in a bike lane (to make the road appear more narrow and induce lower vehicle speeds), or widening the sidewalks (same reason except the road would actually be more narrow).