Today’s Headlines

  • Driver Hits 4-Year-Old on Bike, Isn’t Charged or Ticketed (9News)
  • RTD Bus Driver Strikes, Seriously Injures Person at Federal and Alameda (9News)
  • RTD Board Weakens Transit Accessibility With EcoPass Hike (DenPo)
  • Confluence Editor Rides 96 Miles of Rail in a Day, Finds Poor Transit Connections
  • CDOT Shoves I-70 Widening Forward With Request for Proposals (DBJ)
  • Commuter Rail Getting Tested at Max Speeds Through City (9News, DBJ)
  • University of Denver Offers Valet Bike Parking for Soccer Matches (DU)
  • Transportation Exploration Festival Aims to Teach Kids Cars Aren’t the Only Way (9News)

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