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RTD 15 bus in red bus-only lane on 15th Street in Denver

Commentary: Rolling Out The Red Carpet For Transit

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If you draw a massive venn diagram of all the characteristics we want out of our transportation system – safety, affordability, less congestion, less pollution, and more access that’s more equitable – you’ll find transit sitting right at the sweet spot in the center. This year, 2021, is the year to build a more robust and sophisticated transit system in Denver, and we may finally have the funding to do it, writes Matt Frommer, a Senior Transportation Associate with the Southwest Energy Efficiency Project (SWEEP).

McConnell Calls House Infrastructure Plan a ‘Green New Deal Masquerading As a Highway Bill’

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Mitch McConnell just accidentally created a lot of new fans for a Democratic infrastructure bill. The Senate majority leader reacted to the news that the House had passed a massive new infrastructure act by calling it “a thousand-page cousin of the Green New Deal, masquerading as a highway bill” — providing an inadvertently helpful reframing […]