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Now It’s Up to City Council to Solve Denver’s Sidewalk Woes

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After three rounds of testimony from people demanding decent sidewalks, the City Council’s Sidewalk Working Group will try to fix the dysfunctional policies that have contributed to Denver’s Swiss cheese network of crumbling sidewalks. At least one in four of all trips in Denver are less than one mile, according to the Denver Regional Council of Governments — those are trips that people can walk […]

Thursday: Rub Elbows With People Who Shape Denver’s Streets

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The setting is intimate, the entertainment a bit wonky, but usually fascinating. We’re talking about the Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation’s Transportation Committee meetings, and if you’re not going, you’re missing out. Once every two months the city’s largest neighborhood coalition hosts the gathering, where people in influential positions speak candidly about projects, policies, and initiatives that affect Denver’s streets. It’s not just […]

Denver Needs a Transit Revolution — Will City Hall Deliver?

Denver Director of Transportation Crissy Fanganello had some candid words for residents at an Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation meeting Thursday night: “We can’t fix congestion.” “The [Hancock] administration, when we first started having this conversation, wanted to know, ‘How can I fix congestion?'” Fanganello said. “But that was the wrong question. We started to point to other cities that had […]

Advocates Form Vision Zero Coalition to Help City End Traffic Deaths, Injuries

Vision Zero, the goal of eliminating traffic deaths and serious injuries, has gained popularity across the country in recent years. But that doesn’t mean cities automatically live up to its foundational principles of slowing vehicle speeds with better street design, enforcement, and education. To make sure Denver’s iteration of Vision Zero has teeth, a group of advocates […]