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Shoshana Lew, executive director of CDOT, outside of the agency's headquarters on May 20. Streetsblog file photo by Andy Bosselman

CDOT Head Tells Congress: Get Ready for Fight if Trump Rolls Back Auto Standards 

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Shoshana Lew, executive director of the Colorado Department of Transportation, went to Washington recently to warn that Colorado will join other states in a lawsuit if the Trump administration wipes out the ability of states to require more efficient gas-powered cars and a wider range of electric vehicles for sale in the state. 
Driver Krista Dalton poses for a photo at the Bustang yard near Golden. After the photo, she started a pre-trip inspection of the motor coach she would drive from Denver to Colorado Springs.

Bus Driver Shortage, Part 2: Krista Dalton Has What it Takes

With more than 188 open positions for bus and train operators at RTD & Bustang, we sat down with Bustang driver Krista Dolton to learn what the job is like. “It’s a career. It’s not a job,” she said. “You're transporting precious cargo. You're transporting somebody’s mom, somebody’s dad, somebody’s brother. And that cannot be replaced like a bag of groceries."
Downtown Denver viewed through the haze of Colorado's "brown cloud" on March 6. Photo: Andy Bosselman

Trump Rule Would Allow Colorado Car Dealers to Sell Vehicles That Pollute More

The Trump administration could kill state regulations that limit vehicle emissions and promote the sales of electric vehicles. The new EPA rule, expected this summer, could lead to more pollution in Colorado and push the state further out of compliance with federal air quality standards. If that happens, federal officials could cut off funding for highway and public transportation projects in the state.