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A Vision Zero Checklist for Mayor Hancock

Last year, 57 people were killed in traffic on Denver’s streets, and hundreds more suffered life-altering injuries. What is Mayor Michael Hancock’s plan to reduce the death toll? Four months ago, Hancock declared his intention to bring traffic deaths in Denver down to zero, but his Vision Zero plan is still in development and specifics remain in short supply. One thing that’s certain, […]

Here’s What’s Missing From Hancock’s Budget for Transit and Safe Streets

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Mayor Michael Hancock’s 2016 budget is a step in the right direction when it comes to streets and transportation. But it still falls far short of putting Denver on track to become a city where people can safely and conveniently get around without driving. It’s up to City Council members to influence and improve Hancock’s spending plan, and tonight you can weigh […]

Hancock’s Budget Nods at Vision Zero, Better Streets, But No Guarantees Yet

Today Mayor Michael Hancock proposed his 2016 budget, giving a glimpse of what the city will prioritize next year. The document [PDF] places more importance on creating people-oriented streets than it has in previous years, but the investments don’t indicate a paradigm shift to a 21st-century transportation mindset. That idea is best illustrated in Hancock’s note to the public (the […]

Public Bike Infrastructure Shouldn’t Have to Rely on Private Money

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Bloomberg published a national story yesterday about crowdfunding public infrastructure projects to ensure government bureaucracies actually implement them. The tactic is becoming more common, Amanda Albright reports, “at a time of waning city budgets and interest in funding projects.” Headlines in Denver lately boast of the booming local economy and the flood of development (read: bigger tax base). Mayor Michael […]