Today’s Headlines

  • Subways, Pods, and Why Denver Shouldn’t Obsess Over Transit Tech (Confluence)
  • Adams County Prosecutors Charge Driver Prisma Rodriguez-Ramirez With Killing Antonio Colson on Colfax (Sentinel)
  • How State Dems, GOP Differ on Funding Transportation (CO Politics)
  • Louisiana and Dahlia a Notorious Intersection for Speeding Drivers, Crashes (9News)
  • When Drivers Hit Kids in the Springs, It’s Mainly in Two Zip Codes (Fox21)
  • The Coloradoan Thinks “Think Big” Means Widen Roads
  • JeffCo Pols Kill Car Dealership Developments Near Dinosaur Ridge (Westword)

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  • EMB

    I got a delightful photo of that semi-suspended SUV at Dahlia and Louisiana on my (bike) commute yesterday morning. The biggest problems there are that going northbound (as the SUV was), it’s a long downhill stretch ending at a stop sign, and that Denver doesn’t plow. I took a spill last winter in exactly the same spot even with studded tires, because the road surface was thick sheet ice.

    I’m glad Denver’s finally agreed to break out the plows when we get six inches of snow, but it’d be even better if they’d plow posted bicycle routes (that section of Dahlia is one) at lower levels of snowfall. While they’re at it, that section of Dahlia could really stand to lose its center double yellow line, or at least get a sign instructing drivers that it’s totally OK to cross it to pass people on bicycles.


Today’s Headlines

Transportation Bill That Snubs Sustainable Modes “Seems Doomed” (DenPo) …Say It Ain’t So, Says DenPo Editorial Board The A-Line Turns 1 Today (ABC7) …And It’s On Time 90 Percent of the Time (Denverite) Generation Latino: Pollution Is a Racial Issue (Politics) Highline Canal Trail Gets $8 Million Boost (Denverite) Downtown Attracting Lots of Jobs, People, […]

Today’s Headlines

Lawmakers Reach Compromise on Construction Liability Reform to Spur Condos (DBJ) …And Hopefully, Affordable Housing (Independent) House Committee Kills Bill to Outlaw Homeless Camping Bans (CO Politics) DPW Installs Flashing Pedestrian Signals on Dangerous MLK Blvd (CBS4) Colorado Springs DA Won’t Charge Trevor Dierdorff for Killing Mel Tolbert With Car (KOAA) Surprise: Trucking Industry Wants […]